Posted on Jul 10, 2018

St. Amour / FrenchCookies aka

Daniel and Susan - I love ALL your sugar free products. But when I saw your sugar free Power Granola in a store last summer when visiting California, I went nuts! I bought 6 bags without even trying them, because I knew they were from you. Ever since, I have been addicted. I personal train as a side business, and have all my clients now hooked. I only suggest the healthiest, tastiest options to my clients -so I feel great sharing your products with them. Your granola is THE ONLY sugar free granola on the market. There are a few out there that claim to be '"granola" but they are not. Yours is the real thing, and is delicious! I have been trying to get it carried in stores in my area for a while now, until then, I will keep ordering off your website. Also, on another note, your customer service is superb! You two are wonderful people. Happy you created this business and wish you continued success.