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Posted on Nov 25, 2018

We are excited to announce that now our products are non-GMO verified. If you search for you will be re-directed to

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Dear Daniel,

The following product is now Non-GMO Project Verified:

Product ID - Product Name
Company Name - Brand Name
450418 - Lemon Vanilla
St Amour Inc. - Susan's Sugar Free cookies

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Dear Daniel,

The following products are now Non-GMO Project Verified:

Product ID - Product Name

Company Name - Brand Name

- Lemon Shortbread
457819 - Almond Cookie Bites

457820 - Lemon Vanilla Cookie Bites

St Amour Inc. - Daniel's Vegan Cookies
St Amour Inc...

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Posted on Jul 18, 2018

Susan is as beautiful today as she was years ago when we begun our business. At a trade show with a makeshift booth pushing the Teethers (teething biscuits that will keep your baby happy for hours) and our 'famous' Rocks N Rolls cookies for pre-diabetic people who wish to have a low sugar, vegan...

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Posted on Jul 16, 2018

Luis, Grocery Manager at Bristol Farms in front of a display of the Basic Power Granola. Sugar free and gluten free

Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Fantastic! Light! Not too seeet! Delicious!
My favorite! Have been eating these for years!

– Michelle G. on Rocks N' Rolls - Raspberry & Chocolate Chips - vegan Jun 13 Published
Have to watch my sugar, carbs and sodium. Thought I was doomed to have to eat tasteless cardboard snacks. Then one...

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Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Daniel and Susan - I love ALL your sugar free products. But when I saw your sugar free Power Granola in a store last summer when visiting California, I went nuts! I bought 6 bags without even trying them, because I knew they were from you. Ever since, I...

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We will make your taste buds sing !

 We try to help all those with dietary requirements and most particularly all those who need or must reduce their sugar intake while being careful about their overall health with products made with simple ingredients and taste great.

We focus on taste and simple ingredients, our forte being how to marry flavors so you can have a pleasant palate experience

We have a variety of sugar free, low sugar, low fat and gluten free products you can enjoy.

Our shopping cart is (You can also become an affiliate).  Sign on the green button at the bottom of the page.

We also offer a business opportunity to anyone who wishes to purchase our product lines at wholesale prices to re-sell at retail at any venue of their choosing.  

Great for health-conscious budding diet-friendly food entrepreneurs.  You can now start a small business on a 'Next to Nothing' investment.

Buy Wholesale from us with a minimum order of $300 and retail on your own website: Contact us at

We are working hard to also bring you in 2018 a new marketplace called : "Healthy Lane Market".  So if you have a line of products which fits, you can apply now and avoid registration fees before we begin:

Note: We are not open to the public.

About Our Company & Products

St. Amour, Inc.  We are a manufacturer of cookies and granola for people with particular health needs.  As quality and great tasting products are the key to our longevity.  We’ve had products on shelves of natural foods markets and supermarkets in Southern and Northern California for 25 years and they are still going strong.   All of our products are Non GMO Verified and include the following 

  Susan’s Sugar Free vegan cookies – 5 Flavors. (2 packaging designs available).  For diabetics and those who are limiting their calorie intake. 

  Basic Power Granola – (2 packaging designs available) – Sugar Free, vegan - 2 flavors 

  Rocks N Rolls vegan cookies – 5 flavors. Low fat & low sugar 

  Daniel’s Vegan cookies – 6 flavors (New packaging design).  Or those who must avoid dairy products.

  St Amour Wafers – Butter cookies – 2 flavors. For celiacsand people who are sensitive to gluten.

  St. Amour Teethers – 1 flavor – Vegan. For babies. In the past 7 years, at the death of family members triggered by complications of diabetes, we decided to create a line of sugar-free cookies.  Gradually a very lucrative niche opened-up itself for our company as we introduced our line of Susan’s Sugar Free vegan cookies.  It kept growing, so 3 years later, we decided to add to our panoply of brands, while focusing on taste, a very special high protein sugar free granola which we called ‘Basic Power Granola’.  Where ever we placed its 2 SKUs that product became an instant success.  Even s some small stores regularly sell an astonishing 40 to 50 cases per month. To illustrate what we say: A testimonial from a grocery manager at Bristol Farms in Newport Beach – Ca.

 Our goal now is for St. Amour to become The leading seller of sugar free products before we pass on the baton to a deserving company or person.

  Southern California: St. Amour, Inc (self); Southland Foods; UNFI; Comfy House Foods. -          
  Northern California: Renaissance plus UNFI. -          
  East Coast: Associated Buyers; NY Fancy Natural foods (Independent - NY area); Health by Design (Independent - NY area);  All Natural Foods (independent – NY/NJ areas) -         
  UNFI will carry our products whenever requested by a client. 

  Reviews We could go on and on and on with reviews such as the ones below but first let us prove to you that our products will do well for your company. Susan & Daniel Nicolas                                                                                                                                
St. Amour, Inc.   Subject:  Basic Granola Obsession Hello Susan and Daniel, or whom it may concern,   I write to you from Brooklyn, where I discovered your Basic Power Granola earlier this year. I have been hooked ever since. Truly hooked, as in, no other granola will do. I love this product, because it is so delicious it completely makes the eater question why we ever needed sugar in the first place. And it has actual health benefits as opposed to most granola which is basically sugar cereal with less-nutritious filler grains. I have ordered from your website once, because I can't seem to remember which store I found the granola in. Do you think you could send me a list of your stores in Brooklyn/NYC so I can keep myself well stocked? My boyfriend and I would be so appreciative.   Thank you!   Best wishes Clara C. 
Terrific! Terrific cookies and service! The purchase was easy, and the delivery was fast. I will continue to buy your superior products. In my opinion, they are best in the market. Product Name: Rocks N' Rolls - Raspberry & Chocolate Chips - vegan Tags: 
Love These Cookies I have been eating these cookies for years. I love the crunch and my favorites are the orange chocolate and cinnamon. Whenever I need a sweet distraction I reach for the cookies and have lost 20lbs. I'll keeping ordering them and hope they don't disa [...] Product Name: Rocks N' Rolls - Cinnamon - vegan Tags: 

  Power granola The Best granola in the world so tasty and good for you ,,LOVE Product Name: Power Granola - Basic - vegan Tags: Delicious, Healthy and Sugar Free What more can one say? 

  Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan Cookies - Lemon-Vanilla I fking love this granola!!!!! I fking love this granola!!!!! Product Name: Power Granola - Basic - vegan        

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